And so the trip begins to end.

03 October 2010

There are so many adventures that have taken place in the past two weeks. From visiting my newly employed old roommate in Oklahoma City to visiting my newly engaged old roommate in Little Rock to seeing old friends in Memphis & Columbia to enjoying beautiful conversation with my cousin and his gal in Nashville on the first week, then from meeting the Phillies, the Vermontians, the Irish, the Dutch, the New Zealander, the English, the Aussie, the Canadians, the Newfies on the second week, my quest to find Peter Pan has been more than I could ever have imagined. The Never-Land is sometimes different than we ever dreamed it could be. But that’s only because reality can be beautiful, too.

Loving people and being loved has to be the theme of this trip. Partially because Peter Pan & his Lost Boys missed that. The Lost Boys are lost because no one claimed them. I am lucky to not be lost (and I don’t mean driving for two hours to find parking in DC or going to far in New York’s Catskill Mountains). There are people that care about me and about others. I have visited them and spent time with them on this trip. Reagan, Heath, Gunnar, Becky, Aaron, Grant, Gretchen, the Tennessee tourism man, Mark, Misti, Stephanie & Lauren in Philadelphia, Ann in Vermont, internationals in Niagara, Richard & Paul in St. John’s, everyone who wished me a happy birthday — thank you for pouring out love through your time and smiles to this fellow traveler.

Now, I believe it’s time to go home.

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