London Adventures Ahead!

Here I am, working on my first blog post since the middle of my year in Auckland. It’s a bit weird, but at the same time, it feels oddly familiar and definitely good.

I woke up on the first day of Christmas Break (I’m a teacher now – who knew that would ever happen?) and decided to run away to Europe for a few days. After all, there are Peter Pan statues to see and books to finish writing. There are adventures to be had – and, dag-nabbit, I am going to have them. Thusly, I informed my parents of this decision that night. The next morning, my mother woke up and decided that she would like to run away to Europe for a few days as well with me. Thusly, we bought tickets that night.

May I hear a round of applause in the name of adventure?

Yes, thank you.

We will leave Christmas Day at 3:55pm and be back in Texas on New Years Day. Please follow along on our adventures – with me and my perspectives here at this blog, and with my momma on her blog: .

Oh wait! You want a back story? You are making comments and asking questions like: “Wow – That was fast! Why would you take such a crazy, last minute trip?” Eh… I guess I’ll tell part of it. But only because I love you.

It was six days ago exactly, while school was still going on and finals week was crazy, that I decided to go to my favourite American café. Instead of bringing my homework to grade as I always do, I chose a book from my home shelf at random – but still one that I had been intending to read for a while. In my weariness and in desperations for true rest, I drive my fifteen miles, received my almond milk latte and curled up in the chair by the fire, opened my book and began to peruse, and then, to cry. This, my friends, is what I read:

“I wanted to be an easy story. But nobody really remembers easy stories. Characters have to face their greatest fears with courage. That’s what makes a good story good. If you think about stories you like most, they probably have lots of conflict. There is probably death at stake, inner death or actual death, you know. These polar charges, these happy and sad things in life, are like colors God uses to draw the world.”  – Donald Miller’s “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years”

When two young men come wanting to do a movie over his life, Donald Miller finds that his life story is not interesting enough for them or for himself. He’s faced with a choice: to continue living vicariously through television and through his writing OR to actually live a life of adventure, overcoming conflict to create a better story of his life. He attends a conference about “story”, to which his friends sums up what “story” is – It’s “when a character wants something and overcomes conflict to get it”.

He comes to a place where he decides to “face [his] greatest fears with courage” in order to make his “story good.”

That is what mom and I are trying to do. We are two characters who know that we want a good story and we will overcome conflict to get it. The most obvious conflict for us this year was cancer. At the end of that, my mom has overcome conflict and created a good story. Here and now, we have this conflict: Do we sit at home or do we go to Europe?

Today, we choose Europe. And God will color in the illustrations for us. He will lead us and guide us and comfort us. And that is all we want – God’s story in our lives.

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