The City of Brotherly Love

26 September 2010

Sitting on the pier this morning, I wrote down what I wanted to say on here as soon as I got to internet. But now that scrap of paper is sitting in the locker of my hostel while I sit at Sonny’s Cheesesteaks. You’ll just have to believe me on that one. What I wanted to say at the time was how beautiful everything was. The weather was perfect and the ferry was amazing. Here’s a photo of me on the Camden side of the river.

I was fairly pumped. Peter Pan was amazing. All the goosebumps I could have imagined all popped up at the same time. It was like a movie. Walking around the corner, wondering if he was really there, he suddenly appeared. Here’s what he looks like.
There are so many ideas floating around my head about the short story that will go with this statue. More to come on that. On another note, the surroundings of the statue were also amazing. Here’s some from the Walt Whitman Center of Arts square.
More of these will be on facebook later. You should look forward to that. 🙂  Then I went on to a Phillies game.

Today was absolutely amazing. The city of brotherly love surpassed all expectations. Looking forward to Vermont tomorrow, though.

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