The Weekend I went West.

Saturday, March 26, 2011
Five months ago, there was a guy from New Zealand in Niagara Falls. He got a ride with me to Toronto. Now I am driving his car around Auckland. Odd how things turn around, huh?

Last Saturday, a train (and, later, a bus) took me to the west side of Auckland City where I journeyed to pick up said car. An older couple waited for me at the bus stop and waved, smiling me off to join them. They have been hosting the girls that were driving the car before me, but those girls have left for Germany. So this couple had the car. They drove me around to make sure I knew the safest way back to the motorway before taking me to their house and making me come in for tea and scones. Yes, New Zealand hospitality is perfectly suited for my tastes.

It’s beautiful having tea and scones and conversation with complete strangers. There’s not much better in the world probably.

The remainder of my day was spent driving the car to some beaches out west I had been aching to visit. One of the perks of coming to New Zealand was to be able to see the sun set over the ocean. A good reason to head west. Black sand beaches, deep rock caves, giant seaweed, quicksand, and rolling blue-green waves as far out as a short girl could see. Waterfalls in a fairy forest, massive trees, and streams you can hear all around you. The only thing more I could want was a camera. And, luckily, I have one. So here are some photos.

the sand walk to Bethells Beach
unfocused love & a log
No swimming. Don’t even think about it.
seaweed & people among the hills
Bethells waves & a gull
keeping watch
one of few Bethells seashells
The trail to the falls.
Fairy Circle
Fairy Falls
Piha Beach
sky in the water
sitting on a log
watching the waves
Piha at sunset
This country is beautiful.
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