Waitangi Weekend

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
The Waitangi Treaty was signed 171 years ago, and marked the beginning of peace and respect between Maori and Europeans. At least, that’s what I’ve gathered so far. There’s much more I have to learn about New Zealand history. Thus far it seems a bit like American/Native American history. Here are some photos from the weekend. Saturday, I spent the day (after skyping a good friend) wandering the centre of Auckland City (that’s right, I spelled center the European way). Sunday, I began the day with Waitangi Day speeches and ended it with sore feet and good memories.

visit to the art gallery!
epic tree in Albert Park
the end of Queen Street, lanterns still up from Chinese New Year
On the left is Westfield (the shopping centre, or mall); On the right is the train station.
Straight ahead are the ferries and cruise ships in the marina.
That really pretty brown building has a coffee shop in it. 🙂
A wonderful Saturday ended well. Free wood! I found it on the walk back from the train station.
No need to buy a canvas = reason to celebrate.
 The beginning of Waitangi Day festivities
mayor of auckland giving his speech
Maori leader, telling how his house was burned down when he was a child. Sad story.
Sky Tower from Okahu Bay
Me at the train station, ready to go home.
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