Weeks as an Au Pair

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
My sincerest apologies for the late posts. I’ve been quite busy enjoying my family here, and have neglected writing. Hopefully I shall do better in the future!

The week after Rotorua was what I believe is normal for life as an au pair – playing in playgrounds, chasing laughing 1 and 3 year olds, pirate birthday parties and whatnot. We had something of a schedule going this week, and I got to take the girls to see dinosaurs at the Auckland Museum, play with them at about 3 stellar playgrounds and a few normal ones, baked some cookies and muffins, and much else. At one point, Ashlee (my 3 year old) told her mum: “Stop, Mummy! You’re speaking my words!” Which I thought was adorable and a perfect way to tell someone that you were the one that wanted to tell the story.

Me and a little pirate
 On our way to a pirate party. Aaaargh.
 Ash as a pirate who likes tools.
Pirate Caitlyn walking the plank to give the croc a nose ring.
Yes, momma, it’s a pirate pinata!
The next week (last week) was also good. The cousins that live a few minutes walk away got their new au pair the previous Saturday, so we spent a couple of days with all four children – trying to make her feel welcome. She is from around Nice, France and is trying very hard to learn English. Because of all the change, this week was a little more challenging, but still good.

Last weekend was okay, despite the rain. We had the tail end of a cyclone come through, which isn’t as bad as it sounds apparently. Especially if you live at the top of a really tall hill. Besides, storms in New Zealand don’t mean a tornado is possible, thank goodness! Saturday evening, we went to Nana and Grandad’s house and Nana made a traditional New Zealand dessert. On Sunday, I returned to the same church I had attended the week before, and still love it. The people are incredibly friendly, and I can tell God is doing good things there. Afterward, I wandered to a shopping centre (a friend was supposed to pick me up but got sick and my family had plans at a barbeque) and spent a couple hours relaxing.

my first Pavalova dessert… mmmmm
This week (it’s a Tuesday night as I write this) is also going well. Today has been a busy day! The mum of the house had to go on a work trip, leaving this morning. It was also Ashlee’s first day of kindy for the year. Kindy, I gather, is like pre-K or an afternoon daycare. Kids are learning to spell their names, and they get to play outside a bit. They sing songs and such. It looked like fun. Nana came by to get us – which was a huge help since it was my first time.

Ash with a mermaid tail at Kindy
swinging at Kindy
This weekend is Auckland Anniversary Weekend, so we are going to meet the mum in Tauranga, then hopefully visit the site where they filmed Hobbiton (Matamata), then spend the rest of the weekend and Monday in New Plymouth with family. I am quite excited!
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