Christmas Adventures!

Merry Christmas! I bet you all woke up pleasantly, the spirit of Christmas in the air, got everything you wanted for Christmas and gave everything you wanted to give. Oh, the mystery of the boxes! Oh, the excitement of knowing what’s in the ones you wrapped as you watch the receivers agonize over what’s in theirs! 🙂

We had Christmas last Sunday with Gunnar, Sabra, Mimi, and Papa all here. It was beautiful. Carrots on the roof (albeit baby carrots this year), cookies and milk out for Santa, and family everywhere you looked.

But, today, as everyone out there is celebrating Christmas, mom and I are loading up the car with backpacks and dad is picking up all the things we forgot to pack. After the Christmas Day service, we’ll head to the airport and get on a plane, ready and anxious for all the adventures ahead. We wish that everyone could come, but it seems they all have work. :/ But I hope you can all find joy this Christmas in reading our blogs, for we have been given joy. And we hold the joy of Jesus in our hearts, and we come to him like the wise men and the shepherds to honor him with our gift – our lives.

A very joyful Christmas to you all.

Ashley Ruth

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